Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set
Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set
Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set
Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set
Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set
Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set
Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set
Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set
Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set

    Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set

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      Ethical & Sustainable Red Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set with Hello Kitty Illustrations, Official Hello Kitty Merchandise! Hello Kitty Pastel Goth Handle Frying Pan 2 Pcs Set cuz you love Hello Kitty and you enjoying to cook with her, dear! Now you can cook with Hello Kitty with this amazing Handle Frying Pan & Pot that has Stainless Steel,  Tempered Glass, Silicon and Aluminum alloy Material; Removable Handles, Hello Kitty Cute designs Inside and Out, Easy-to-Use Designed, Glass Lid, Non-Stick Diamond Coating Inside, Pot & Pan Can Be Stacked, and Made in Japan. Capacity: Pot 2.6 L & Frying Pan: 1.1 L. Size: Pot & Frying Pan 20 cm in diameter. Glass Lid: 19 cm in diameter. Removable handle: 19 cm.

      This is amazing Hello Kitty set of pot and frying pan with removable handles. Cute Hello Kitty designs inside and out. Handles are detachable and convenient for washing and storage. The pot and pan can be stacked on top of the frying pan. The inside of the pot and pan are coated with a non-stick diamond coating so the food is coated with a diamond coating so that it does not stick to the food. Includes a glass lid for both the pot and pan. Compatible heat sources: gas stove, oven, IH (100V*200V), electric plate, halogen heater, sheath heater, and radiant heater.

      Now you can enjoy the cuteness of Hello Kitty in your life with this Pastel Goth Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set that captures the unique charm of all your fav characters. This Hello Kitty Pot & Frying Pan Set is easy to use, and they have beautiful japanese designed with real Hello Kitty copyright. This Pastel Goth Handle Pot & Frying Pan Set is a unique funny anime Pot & Pan Set perfect to cook a delicious menu or give as a gift especially for Hello Kitty lovers. It's really cute design and stylish, very sturdy in the hand, feels solid and certainly well made.

      This Hello Kitty Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set is licensed and approved by Sanrio Brand with Skater collaboration. Our products are designed and made in Japan! Skater is a trusted brand, that make genuine Japanese products accessible to anime fans across the world!

      Precautions: Do not use microwave oven. If heated with strong heat, the coating may occur early. Due to the nature of the material, fine scratches and stains may be seen. Note that the glassy surface is vulnerable to shocks and sudden temperature changes. Do not give it a sudden shock such as dropping it from a high place, or do not quench it by pouring water or other liquids on it when it has been emptied. Store away from direct sunlight. Remove stains asap after use. Wash with a soft sponge and neutral detergent to clean. Do not scrubbing with a scrubber or brushes. After use, wash in lukewarm water and wipe with a soft cloth. Do not bleach. It may be damaged by strong shocks.


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      Features of Pastel Goth Red Kawaii Hello Kitty Handle Frying Pan & Pot Set


      • Pot & Frying Pan Body: Aluminum alloy.
      • Bottom of Pan: Stainless steel (16% Chrome).
      • Inner Coating: Fluorine Resin Coating.
      • Outer Coating: Baking Finish.
      • Rubber Part of Handle (Lid): Silicone.
      • Glass Lid: Toughened Glass (Toughened Type/Full Surface Physical Toughening).
      • Handle: Upper portion: Glass-Filled Nylon (50%), Lower portion: Phenolic Resin. Metal Part: Stainless Steel. Rubber: Silicone.


      • Color: Red.
      • Brand: Sanrio with Skater Collaboration.
      • Capacity: Pot 2.6 L & Frying Pan: 1.1 L.
      • Size: Pot & Frying Pan 20 cm in diameter. 
      • Hello Kitty Cute Designs Inside and Out.
      • Non-Stick Diamond Coating Inside.
      • Official Hello Kitty Merchandise.
      • Glass Lid: 19 cm in diameter. 
      • Pot & Pan Can Be Stacked.
      • Removable handle: 19 cm.
      • Easy-to-Use Designed.
      • Removable Handles.
      • Glass Lid.

      Packages Includes: One (1) Hello Kitty Pot + One (1) Frying Pan. 


      Sizing Chart of Pastel Goth Red Sanrio Hello Kitty Printed Frying Pan & Pot Set

      • Size Pot & Frying Pan: 20 cm in diameter. 
      • Capacity: Pot 2.6 L & Frying Pan: 1.1 L. 
      • Glass Lid: 19 cm in diameter. 
      • Removable Handle: 19 cm. 
      • Bottom Thickness: 3mm.


      Note for Pastel Goth Red Kawaii Frying Pan & Pot With Removable Handles

      1. As different computers display color differently, the color in stock of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images. There is a little color difference between the items and pictures.

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester