Dark Skull Pastel Goth Black Donburi Bowl
Dark Skull Pastel Goth Black Donburi Bowl
Dark Skull Pastel Goth Black Donburi Bowl
Dark Skull Pastel Goth Black Donburi Bowl
Dark Skull Pastel Goth Black Donburi Bowl
Dark Skull Pastel Goth Black Donburi Bowl

    Dark Skull Pastel Goth Black Donburi Bowl

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      Ethical & Sustainable Black Donburi Bowl with amazing skull design on the front! Dark Skull Pastel Goth Black Donburi Bowl cuz you are a skull lover, dear! Now you can eat spicy food, ramen, soups, snacks, cereal, popcorn, fruits or ice cream with this scary Pastel Goth Dark Skull Bowl that has Porcelain Material, Scary Black Skull Shaped Design, Red Inside, Ultra-Wide Opening, Round Shaped, and 1000 ml Capacity. The Skull Bowl is nice and stable has a smooth glaze, good build, and it is easy to use. Durable ceramic construction with ultra-wide opening. A serving bowl as useful as it's funny. Also It is very useful as an interior decoration. This is a must-have for skull lovers! 

      This Pastel Goth Bowl is a unique funny spicy food and snacks porcelain bowl perfect for you. Matching gift for birthday, anniversary, friends, family, or party decor. Easy to use and great to give as a gift especially for skull lovers! It's great for collecting or for actually using regularly. They’re the ideal complement to your busy lifestyle. You will enjoy a relaxing night with your new funny Donburi Bowl. Enjoy your favorite spicy rice, ramen or snacks with this creepy black skull Bowl! This amazing Pastel Goth Bowl with the unique design of a dark skull will make you happy! 

      This Pastel Goth Skull Donburi Bowl is an original product made by SunArt, this product comes from Japan. Brand: SUNART from Japan.

      Precautions: Not for use in a microwave. Not for use in a dishwasher. Not for use in ovens. Please use a soft sponge to clean.


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      Features of Pastel Goth Black Scary Porcelain Black Donburi Bowl


      • Brand: SUNART.
      • Color: Black.
      • Scary Black Skull Shaped Design.
      • Ultra-Wide Opening.
      • 1000 ml Capacity.
      • Round Shaped, 
      • Red Inside.

      Packages Include: One (1) Black Skull Bowl. 

      Measurement Chart of Pastel Goth Black Porcelain Donburi Bowl

      Please always consult with the sizing chart prior to purchasing!

      Unit: Centimeters. 



      Note for Pastel Goth Dark Skull Porcelain Donburi Bowl

      1. Please confirm your size before purchase. Please, follow the sizing chart to select the size, but not select directly according to your habits.

      2. As different computers display color differently, the color in stock of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images. There is a little color difference between the items and pictures. Depending on your monitor, color may be different.

      3. Microwave: Not possible. Dishwasher: Not possible. Oven: Not possible.


      Precautions of Pastel Goth Black Skull Ramen Bowl

      Be careful, they can be fragile. Microwave: Not possible. Dishwasher: Not possible. Oven: Not possible.

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester