Know us

If you are here it is because you want to know who is behind this online store. Do not worry, as users it is super normal and intelligent that you need to know if the website that offers you these products is reliable, serious and what is the philosophy of its founders. We introduce ourselves in eight (8) easy points:
  1. We are a legally constituted company focused on environmental sustainability, and the social and financial sustainability of all our clients and collaborators.
  2. All the products that we sell in our stores have the objective of giving you a good or a service that sincerely contributes to your life and the life of the other creatures on this planet.
  3. We love kawaii, gothic, colors and their combinations (Pastel Goth, Creepy Cute, Nu Goth, etc.), just like you.
  4. We love being sustainable and eco-friendly. We feel a deep love and respect for the environment. In fact we are vegetarians and we do not agree with animal abuse, that is, we are cruelty free. We always seek a balance between business and nature.
  5. We love to do our shopping online, in fact we have bought some of the Pastel Goth products that we sell, just like you.
  6. We like that the products we sell have a balance between nature, quality and price. That is why we seek to have fair prices, good quality and responsibility with the environment.
  7. We are passionate about technology and nature. We seek to carry out and support initiatives that combine the two themes in a balanced way.
  8. We are otakus, we love anime, video games, Japanese culture and Harajuku (Japan) fashion.
  9. We love what we do! Everything we do is with love, commitment and dedication, seeking the best quality and the best content.
  10. We have a conscious lifestyle that rejects animal abuse and the destruction of nature.


Tree Planting Day!

Part 1. Plant a tree! In this video, we start the tour in what was an old open pit mine to plant trees. The soil of this land was very badly treated and is currently in recovery.

Part 2. Plant a tree! In this video, we continue the tour in what was an old open pit mine to plant trees. The soil of this land was badly treated and is currently being recovered.

Circular Economy

Please! Do not throw away the products you buy in our store, better return it to us and we will convert it into raw material for other products or if necessary, we will give it the appropriate final disposal so as not to harm the environment.

Contact us: [email protected]

Note: We only receive products that you have bought in our store. 

What are we?

We are an independent online store . Our online store deals with fashion, accessories, items and lifestyle related to Pastel Goth, kawaii Goth, Creepy Cute and Nu Goth. Through us you can find a wide selection of products of all kinds on this theme, so that you can put together your tenderly sinister outfits and always stay cute and sexy with a touch of darkness. We are made up of a great professional team of engineers, designers and technical advisers who are experts in the field.
We are experts in kawaii gothic and pastel goth themes, so if you need information before making your purchase about fashion, articles and accessories, this is your place! We invite you to visit our Blog https://kawaiigotico.com. If you want to leave us your comments, doubts or suggestions, get in touch, write to us at [email protected] Sometimes it takes a while to reply but we always reply to the messages we receive, so please be patient. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Our Objective and Principles

Our goal is to offer you the best products and the most complete and rigorous information on Kawaii Goth, Pastel Goth, Nu Goth and Creepy Cute, objectively, without turning, straight to the point and always taking into account the point of view and opinion of the users, which we are too. Our principles are:

Everything we do in the Pastel Goth store and other projects is based on respect and love for nature and life, sustainability, ecofriendly and cruelty free.
This store has been created with love, commitment and absolute dedication. We always seek the best quality in our products and customer service. You can find hundreds of web pages that talk about Pastel Goth, Kawaii Goth, Nu Goth and Creepy Cute. However, we offer you the best selection of products so that you can put together the best looks and outfits in this style.
We give you all the elements to build and maintain a lifestyle based on this theme so that you become a Creepy Cute princess and shine like the stars in the middle of the dark. We feel great satisfaction when we help you find your favorite items on our website.
We are very rigorous when choosing products to offer you the best selection of articles and accessories about pastel goth, international products of good quality, modern, current, that are in trend and at the latest in fashion.
In our store and blog, we do not miss a detail. If you are thinking about what items to buy about Kawaii Gothic and Pastel Goth, Creepy Cute and Nu Goth to create a complete outfit, we assure you that we will facilitate your search on our website.
We seek to give you the best content, products and prices on fashions, outfits, accessories and Kawaii Gothic and Pastel Goth lifestyle so that you can make the best decisions. In our posts we speak objectively, bluntly and straight to the point.