Alien Gray Skull Pastel Goth Figure Statue Decoration
Alien Gray Skull Pastel Goth Figure Statue Decoration
Alien Gray Skull Pastel Goth Figure Statue Decoration

    Alien Gray Skull Pastel Goth Figure Statue Decoration

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      Ethical & Sustainable Alien Skull Statue Decoration! Alien Gray Skull Pastel Goth Figure Statue Decoration cuz you love Pastel Goth Art, dear! Decorated your house with this amazing Alien Skull Statue Decoration that has a Alien Skull Statue. This is a fine art statue. Size: 18 cm (height) X 18 cm (width) X 19 cm (depth). Weight: 907 g.

      Our Design exclusive Alien Skull Figure Statue is hand sculpted using Stone Powder and Calcium Carbonate, then cast in high quality designer resin, one hand-painted Alien Skull image at a time. It has the characteristics between plastic and stone, and has a sense of weight, but it has excellent decorative details and is able to reproduce textures. It has a heavy feel, but it is also highly decorative, and its texture can be reproduced well to create a luxurious finish.

      This Alien skull Statue objet d'art from Exceed is an eye-catcher when used for Halloween and other parties, as well as for display in stores and homes! It is a tasteful item that looks like it could be a prop from a movie! This Pastel Goth Alien Skull Decoration is a unique Alien Skull perfect to give as a gift especially for pastel goth lovers. This Alien Skull Statue Decoration is easy to use, really modern design and stylish, very sturdy in the hand, feels solid and certainly well made.

      This Pastel Goth Alien Skull Halloween Sculptures Decoration is designed and made by Exceed! It is a trusted and famous brand for Sculptures and Statues.

      Precautions: It is susceptible to cracking and chipping if dropped. Do not give it a sudden shock such as dropping it from a high place. Do not bleach. It may be damaged by strong shocks.


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      Features of Pastel Goth Vegan Alien Skull Halloween Statue Decoration

      Material: Made of Cold-Cast Resin, Hand-Painted Finish
      Resin (Polystone) mixed with Stone Powder and Calcium Carbonate is poured into a mold and molded.


      • Color: White.
      • Brand: Exceed.
      • Size: approx. 18 cm (height) X 18 cm (width) X 19 cm (depth)
      • High Quality Designer Resin.
      • Hand-Painted Alien Skull. 
      • Alien Skull Statue.
      • Hand Sculpted.
      • Weight: 907 g. 

      Packages Includes: One (1) Alien Skull Statue. 


      Sizing Chart of Pastel Goth Halloween Figure Alien Skull Sculptures Home Decor

      • Size: approx. 18 cm (height) X 18 cm (width) X 19 cm (depth).
      • Weight; 907 g. 



      Note for Pastel Goth Alien Skull Halloween Sculptures Decoration Party

      1. It can crack or chip if dropped. 

      2. As different computers display color differently, the color in stock of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images. There is a little color difference between the items and pictures.

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester